We offer tracking for wounded deer and bear with our Bavarian Mountain Hounds on an as-available basis.  Our coverage area is roughly within one hour’s drive of the Blue Mounds / Mazomanie area.  We do, on occasion go out further, and Sean tracks in the Bayfield area during bear season.

Our dogs were imported from Poland and Slovakia with special attention to making sure they came from working lines. Our Polish hound Kieler, was named Tracking Dog of the Year for the U.S. and Canada by the Bavarian Mountain Hound Club of America in 2015, ’16 and ’17 in recognition of his recoveries.  Our new up and coming Polish import is Dani, a two-year-old Bavarian.  She has shown remarkable progress and is fully ready to track this fall. Linda tracks with Krasna, our Slovakian import.