Need a Tracker?

If you think for ANY reason the hit is questionable, do not attempt to recover the deer. Simply walk out quietly and call us.If you start tracking and lose blood, do NOT start walking around trying to locate it. You are carrying micro specks of blood to other areas, thus making it much tougher for the dog. Back out and call us. Get permission from neighbors to track on their property, just in case. We will not trespass!!!!

When we arrive to help you, please be prepared to listen to a brief explanation on how the tracking will proceed. Also, in Wisconsin it is illegal for the hunter or tracker to carry a weapon while using a dog to track. Please be prepared to leave your weapons behind.

The sooner you call us the better. We would much rather come out for a track that you may not have needed us for, than to try to follow a track that has been compromised. Even an easy track is great work for our dogs.